Care and simple maintenance of your Maple Athletic Floor is vital in extending its life expectancy.  Properly cared for, the floor can look great, remain safe, and play like new until it’s time to screen and recoat the surface. 

Annual Refinishing

To preserve the beauty and life of your maple athletic floor, we recommend that recreational surfaced receive periodic refinishing.  Normal wear and tear combined with proper maintenance will determine the appropriate refinishing schedule for your floor.  Most gymnasium floors should be recoated annually.

Sand and Refinishing

From time to time, even most properly cared for maple athletic floors should received a complete resurfacing. This will restore the luster in an older gym surface, and assures long life and excellent performance. We, along with the MFMA, recommend resurfacing your floor about every 8 to 10 years. The process begins by sanding and removing layers of finish and game lines down to the raw wood. Next, damaged boards or surface area are replaced or repaired. Once the repair and sanding process is completed, resurfacing begins. Once complete, your gym floor will look as good as new!