Crafted from durable, high-performance materials, LG Hausys floors REXCOURT™ high performance sports flooring combines the unmistakable look of a professional hardwood sports surface with properties only available through the finest resilient materials.

Offering the distinctive look of hardwood in a durable, high-quality athletic flooring option, REXCOURT™ has been manufactured to withstand the heavy-traffic and high-impact demands of gymnasium or community center sports flooring. With 10-plus designer-friendly wood and solid colors to choose from, REXCOURT™ adds the benefits of shock absorption, elasticity, stability and advanced noise level reduction for the athletes of today.

With an antibacterial surface coating promoting healthy environments, and engineered with a durable polyurethane wear layer, REXCOURT™ provides optimal slip-resistance for safe competition on the courts of any sport.

Long-lasting good looks, safe competition and incredibly easy to maintain, REXCOURT™ is a high-performance winner for architects and designers in any application of sports flooring.

Owners Note:  This unique wood floor “look alike” offers a great variety of colors.  It’s thickness varieties are comfortable to walk on and do not compromise the standards of athletic play.  We highly recommend this product for church multi-purpose centers and elementary school gyms.

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