Care and simple maintenance of your Maple Athletic Floor is vital in extending its life expectancy. Properly cared for, the floor can look great, remain safe, and play like new until it’s time to screen and recoat the surface.

To preserve the beauty and life of your maple athletic floor, we recommend that recreational surfaced receive periodic refinishing. Normal wear and tear combined with proper maintenance will determine the appropriate refinishing schedule for your floor. Most gymnasium floors should be recoated annually.

From time to time, even most properly cared for maple athletic floors should received a complete resurfacing. This will restore the luster in an older gym surface, and assures long life and excellent performance. We, along with the MFMA, recommend resurfacing your floor about every 8 to 10 years. The process begins by sanding and removing layers of finish and game lines down to the raw wood. Next, damaged boards or surface area are replaced or repaired. Once the repair and sanding process is completed, resurfacing begins. Once complete, your gym floor will look as good as new!


Dust Mopping is the least expensive and most important procedure to keep a maple floor in top condition. The dust mop used for the gym floor should be used exclusively for this floor only, and the dust mop head should be changed weekly.

• pre-treated dust mop
• broom and lobby pan

Dust mop the floor with a clean, pre-treated dust mop. Remove the dirt from the floor with the broom and dust pan. Repeat processes a minimum of twice daily.


From start to finish, SFG is there to guide you through the process. Our Graphic Designers work with each client to ensure the finished products meets their criteria. We understand the importance of matching the pantone colors perfectly and make sure your logo is what our clients envisioned, by providing you with a (full-color) artist sketch of your design, along with an estimate of the cost.

When working on a newly prepared floor, the gym floor design, or artwork is painted after the second seal coat is applied and thoroughly dry. When the artwork is completed and dry (usually two days), the final two coats of finish, are applied over the artwork.

On a maple gymnasium floor or athletic court that’s already sealed, we are still able to paint your custom logo. We’ll simply prepare your floor by scuffing over the areas in which the design will be applied, then custom paint only those specific areas. If you’d like to change or update your existing center court logo, we can do that too! We’ll scuff over the area, and paint the new design overtop of the existing one. Once the logo is dried, we’ll apply a seal coat of floor finish over the artwork. Our maple gym floor logos are hand painted!