About the Owner: Brian Cockfield

Where were you raised?

Camden, South Carolina, a quaint but sophisticated community known for its rich history and horse racing.

Growing up, were you an athletic? If so, what did you play?

Yes, from the time I can remember. From football to baseball, I’ve always had some form of competiveness in my spirit. I was recruited and played college football for the Citadel.

What got you interesting in the Sports Flooring Industry?

Being involved in the Specialty Market Davison of Collins and Aikman, I worked closely with the athletic business organization, developing sports flooring services for the aerobics and fitness industry.

What made you want to open up your own business?

I always knew that someday I wanted to own my own business and having an entrepreneurial spirit and the support of my family, Sports Equipments and Flooring was created.

What are your principles you operate your business under?

Honestly, Integrity, and Loyalty. I also believe that you must enjoy what you do, we try and keep every job unique and different.

A note to our Clients

To each of valued clients we appreciated your business relationship, and friendships that have developed over the years. Without your support, we could never be where we are today.

To our future clients

We invite you to take a deeper look at who and what we are. It’s not always about the lower price; it’s about the service after the work is complete. You’ll find no one better at follow-up, and maintenance. We want to be important to you, for the years to come.